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The Chaffee County Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Science, Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Programs.

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Colorado 4-H Livestock & Rabbit Projects:



Dairy Cattle:






Market & Breeding Rabbit:






Breeding Supplemental Resources:

Breeding Supplemental Resources for each animal project can be found above and are noted with an asterisk*. Below is a complete list:

Animal Identification on 4HOnline:

Starting in 2023, all Livestock, and Market and Breeding Rabbit Project members are required to upload an animal ID in 4-H Online. This is done in The deadline for completing the Colorado Animal Identification is May 1.

Directions to add an animal ID:

  • Log-in to using your family email.
  • Click View next to members name
  • Select animals on the left side navigation.
  • Click on the “add New Animal” blue button toward the top.
  • Under Add an Animal, choose an Animal Type.
  • Click “Add Animal”.
  • Fill out the information (note the red required sections).
  • Add attachments (Horse – photos of right side, left side and front; Dog – one photo, copy of vet records). (NOT all have a  requirement for “county use form”, but some do. Please check your species listed on this page)
  • Click on “Submit”.

If you have changes to make after you have verified your animal ID or need help uploading documents, contact Janella Martinez at the Extension Office (719) 539-6447.

Animal Record Book Requirements:

  • Members must complete a record book for each project the member is enrolled in with a score of 70% or above.
  • Please be aware that some record books have a supplemental form that must also be submitted as well.
  • Record books for Dog, Horse, Livestock and Small Animal projects are due to the Extension Office following county fair after first being graded at the club level (either by the club leader or project leader or any one designated by the club) and must receive a score of 70% in order to be considered complete.
  • Member’s with record books which score less than a 70% will be considered incomplete for that project and will not be allowed participate in the incomplete project the following year. Furthermore, the exhibitor will forfeit their premiums in that project area.
  • The official score sheet will be used when grading record books. Score sheets (rubrics) will be posted on the COUNTY 4-H website.

Animal Housing and Care Resources:

State Fair Nomination Cards and Premise ID’s:

All 4-H and FFA exhibitors must have their premise ID# on their nomination cards to be accepted for State Fair.  This is a State Fair Policy NOT a requirement to participate in the local 4-H program. This information should be completed on ALL cards at the time of weigh-in. You will need to apply for your premise ID number well in advance of weigh-in so they have time to assign you one. Apply online through Colorado Location Identification (LID) or call303-869-9000 for more information. Allow 3-4 weeks for processing. Learn more information.

Meat Quality Assurance Training:

4-H members enrolling in any market and/or breeding livestock projects for the first time regardless of age, must attend a Colorado 4-H Meat Quality Assurance (MQA) program. 4-H members will be required to attend a Colorado 4-H MQA program a minimum of twice during the course of their 4-H career – once as a junior and once again within one year after becoming a senior 4-H member. Members are encouraged to review the information and best practices found in the Colorado 4-H Meat Quality Assurance program annually.

Livestock & Animal Knowledge Tests:

All livestock, poultry, dog and horse exhibitors must take an animal knowledge test and pass with a 70% or higher to be eligible to show at the county fair.

To download your study guide visit:

The site is password protected. Check your Clover County Newsletter or email Merielle Stamm for the password.

Additional Resources: